Positions Available in Nevada

Level III - Soils Scientist

Location:  Reno, NV
Hours Per Week: 8
Temporary position for approximately 58 weeks


·         Must be 55 years of age or older

·         College graduate with a BA/BS in business management, natural resources, or related field of study

·         Minimum of 5 years experience

·         Knowledge of basic soil science principles and methods in order to interpret field notes and results of field analyses for correct data entry

·         Knowledge and experience in field mapping methods in order to develop map unit overlaps, check field correlation decisions, and interpret points on the landscape

·         Knowledge and experience in database management and database population in the NASIS database and PedonPC

·         Knowledge of landforms, ecological site principles and soil dynamics in order to assess the quality of data entered in the database

·         Knowledge of Soil Taxonomy and official soil descriptions in order to verify taxonomic completeness, currentness and accuracy


Job Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·         Data entry and quality check for 200+ soil pedon descriptions collected by various field soil scientists over several decades

·         Provide substantial quality control for data input into the NASIS and Pedon PC databases in order to maintain data integrity for the region

·         Record and link transect data as available with pedons entered into the database

·         Provide quality control for the linked datasets

·         Review taxonomic class assignments for reasonableness and completeness

·         Check correlated soil names against the National Official Series Description data to assure that series correlated to pedons are still active and current

·         Use various GIS, including ArcGIS Explorer, and geographic locator tools to properly locate pedon and transect locations and verify map unit overlaps



Please fax completed application to:  (626) 564-2659, Attn: Lillian Anchaleechamaikorn



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