Positions Available in New Hampshire

Level II - Conservation Specialist

Location:  Lancaster, NH
Hourly Wage: $19.58     
Hours Per Week: 24
Temporary position for approximately 20 weeks


·         Must be 55 years of age or older

·         College graduate with a BA/BS in Natural Resources, Agriculture, and/or Agronomy

·         Minimum of 10 years experience in engineering design, construction, and certification in conservation planning, applying conservation practices and providing technical assistance to landowners and farmers

·         Have a valid and current New Hampshire drivers license


General Functions

·         The individual will assist the District Conservationist and office staff in providing technical assistance to the landowners in carrying out a coordinated soil and water conservation program. 

·         The work will be done throughout Coos County


Job Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·         Perform surveys, lie out and stake standard conservation practices, and check that all practices are installed according to design. 

·         Collect information to develop engineering designs.

·         Complete lower approval class designs (under direction of the area engineer)

·         Lay out designs in field, monitor installation and certify to District Conservationist or Area Engineer that installation meets NRCS standards & specifications.

·         Follow up on conservation plans with landowner to encourage and arrange for proper maintenance of established conservation practices and to schedule application of planned practices.

·         Assist in developing and carrying out schedules for application and maintenance work for USDA conservation programs.

·         Integrate established conservation practices into a system such as cropland, pasture and hayland management system.

·         Prepare basic conservation plans where local practices serve as precedent for combining several conservation measures.  

·         Meet with landowners to find out what projects they do that are outside of our contracts that contribute to soil and water conservation

·         Attend field office and local meetings, train Interns in soil and water conservation planning, and other related duties


Please fax completed application to:  (626) 564-2659, Attn: Lillian Anchaleechamaikorn


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