The following bilingual educational materials were developed to be culturally appealing to the target audience. The format used is that of a fotonovela (soap opera). This format is very much a part of the daily life of the monolingual Hispanic community. It is designed for low-literacy levels in the Hispanic and community at large.      (View Sample Pages PDF 2.5MB)

¡Salud a la Vida! / A Toast to Life!
A selection of five fotonovelas on five health topics.

1 Listen to your Heart | Los Hombres Tienen Corazón
> Cardiovascular issues as they relate to men

2 A Woman’s Heart | El Corazón de Una Mujer
> Cardiovascular issues as they relate to women

3 Pedro, This is not a Game! | ¡Pedro, Esto No Es un Juego!
> Prostate cancer issues

4 Living with Diabetes | Viviendo con Diabetes
> Diabetes issues plus a Diabetes Shopping List – a padded shopping list of food suitable for diabetics

5 Family Reunion – Special Guests: The Nut Family | ¿Qué Pasa Calabaza? Una Reunión, Corazón de Melón!
> Good nutrition as it relates to the above topics

Hispanic Life-Cycle Planning Project
The story of a young couple, Jose, Maria, and the American Dream, as they start planning early for future retirement. The five booklets need to be read in sequence in order to follow the educational story line.   (View Sample Pages PDF 2.7MB)

1 Relationships with the Financial Sector | Relaciones con el sector financiero

2 Financial Planning and Budgeting | Planificación financiera y presupuesto

3 Planning and Saving for Retirement | Ahorrando para la jubilación

4 Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid | Lo que debemos saber sobre el Seguro Social

5 Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care | Testamentos y Poder de decisiones sobre el cuidado de su salud

Emergency Preparedness
A selection of three booklets on the following topics:

1 Prepare Now for Earthquakes | Preparese Ahora para los Terremotos

2 Prepare Now for Fires | Preparese Ahora para los Incendios

3 Prepare Now for Disasters and Emergencies | Preparese Ahora para Catástrofes y Emergencias


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